Project Description

Project Description

The E-TRAINERS project aims at increasing competencies and skills of VET professionals through a structured digital training platform based on the Moodle system.

The purpose of the project is to set up innovative e-learning courses based on the results of several LLP and Erasmus+ projects (CO-BUILDING, EMPLOY and DIGICOMP).

The training courses focus on the following content:

  1. Introduction to Moodle;
  2. Use of video as a didactic method (GUIDE STUDENTS IN CREATING DIGITAL CONTENT);
  3. Teaching methods for key transversal competencies (DEVELOP LIFE AND CAREER SKILLS OF YOUR STUDENTS);
  4. Critical use of the Internet (BECOME A DIGITALLY CONFIDENT TEACHER).

The E-TRAINERS courses, available in 9 languages, use the project based and the problem-based learning approaches, promoting the acquisition of technical knowledge and skills through practical exercises and simulations.

The continuous support and coaching service, available for participants during and after the training, facilitate mentoring target groups and monitoring their competence development.